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Do I need to know the basic steps before attending your salsa classes?

No. We have all levels covered, starting from the very basics (first time dancing) to the expert dancer levels. At CDP there is always something to learn..

How many of your salsa classes will I need to learn how to dance Salsa Casino?

This depends entirely on you. Our Salsa classes are once a week and we make sure there is plenty of dancing every Tuesday night so that you can practice what you learn. We play 4 songs per class and a lot of the students stay afterward practicing. However, what you do the days that there aren’t classes it’s extremely important. The more you practice and try to go out dancing in a social setting the faster you will learn. It can be anywhere between 2 months to a year depending on the level of dance skill you want to achieve and how much you practice outside of the classes.

Do I need a dance partner to attend to your salsa classes?

No, you do not. That’s one of the advantages of group classes, there are always enough individuals to partner with. In addition, we have a large group of instructors and advanced students always willing to help and fill in.

Do I need special shoes or clothes to attend the salsa classes?

No, in fact, we tell our students to be comfortable so that they can relax and just focus on having a good time learning how to dance “Salsa Casino”.

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