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Group Classes

Our salsa classes are in a friendly and family oriented environment at a beautiful ballroom facility. You’ll feel welcomed and part of a big family the moment you walk in.

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Private Classes

Learn about “La Rueda de Casino”: We teach using the “Rueda de Casino” format to pay homage and keep alive this Cuban tradition.

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What They Are Saying

Bailadores testimonials

“So much I can say about the impact Casino D’Primera has made in my life. CDP has given me so much on and off the dance floor. I’ve made amazing friendships, and some I even consider family! I now go out social dancing regularly with my wife and it’s been an unbelievable experience to share this with her. I went from basic steps to D’Primera Level, exclusively at CDP, and it’s been quite a journey. I highly recommend this school to anyone that wants to learn how to dance salsa and have a good time doing it. I believe in what CDP and their instructors are doing so much that I now also take my 8 year old daughter and she loves it too! They are not kidding when they tell you that Tuesdays will become the best night of your work week! Thank you Casino D’PRIMERA!”

Hector Barquin

“Joining Casino D’Primera has been a game changer for me. It has added to so many aspects in my life; from boosting my self-esteem to making great relationships and memories I’ll never forget. It all started with being overwhelmed on day one, to getting hooked within a couple of weeks, to now wanting to share this feeling with others as they have also trained me to become an instructor. Words can’t describe how I feel about this experience, but I sure know that Casino D’Primera is a home I never knew I wanted until I walked in!”

Richard Alonso

“As anyone walking in for the first time, I was a bit skeptical about walking into a place I found on the internet at the age of 21 and looking for a new hobby, but I wanted to learn how to dance salsa casino. Checking in it already felt so easy and inviting at the front desk thanks to the wonderful faces that greet you when you first walk in. The instructors make it look so easy and always have the right tips to make us look like pros and have a good time learning and dancing. Today I’m in the “D’Primera” level and I feel part of an amazing family and have a wonderful group of friends at Casino D’Primera! I’m so happy and thankful for all the work and dedication they have for each student and how at home everyone makes me feel! I love you CASINO D’PRIMERA #BailandoSepasaMejor”

Adianez Hernandez

“Casino D’primera has become so much more than just a salsa school for me. It’s become an important part of my life. I’ve established great friendships, created unforgettable memories and ultimately acomplished the ability to dance salsa. I remember my first day and how nervous I was. Three years later CDP and it’s great instructors have given me the gift of dancing and enjoying some amazing experiences. CDP without question is the best place to learn how to dance and I’m truly grateful for all the hard work they put in every Tuesday night.”

Gabrielle Barquin


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